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Had a little Nissan getogether at my place yesterday. Had this 96 240SX 5-speed with shifter, intake, exhaust, springs and adj. shocks drag me at night in the middle of nowhere. I was faster :). He said every time he'd shift I'd gain a little.

Also there was a 92 Canadian 240SX LE that had Super HICAS and VLSD. He is planning on a DET swap very soon. He drove my car, his first SR20DE drive, and was hooked immediately.

I got to drive both these cars. The KA24DE has plenty of power, but not nearly the silky smoothness of the SR20. They also sound HUGE, kinda like trucks I guess :).

Another person had a 99 Maxima SE auto and when we were out "joyriding" (all 6 of us, 92 240, 96 240, my 98 Sentra SE, 93 NX2000, 99 Maxima SE, and 93 Corrado VR6) and passed me to get the lead. Whenever he hit it after that, he would not pull on me. We would stay equidistant. Would have liked to drag him but he had to leave after that. I'll kill the Maxima some other day :)

Oh yeah, the rest of the meet was cool too. Talked about crazy driving stories (I didn't really have any, some of those guys have had some *interesting* experiences to say the least :) ), the 92 240s future DET swap, showed off my turbo stuff to them, and cooked out burgers and hotdogs.

Pearlene's NX2000 with JWT cams, header, exhaust, and intake wouldn't stay running when we tried to check the timing by disconnecting the TPS the last time she was over a few weeks ago. Couldn't remember what caused this, but she researched it and found that it could just be that the idle was too low. It was and we raised it and it didn't die. The car was backfiring a bit before we checked the idle and timing. The timing was set to like 11 or 12 degrees. Set it to 16-17 and idle to 900-1000 since she has the JWT cams. Says it helped a lot. I'm so good :)
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