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Black 91 Classic SER Wannabe in NY BEST OFFER

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Hate to do this guys, but she has to go, slideshow here:

My loss your gain, was mid-ser conversion, only basically needs a few major parts more (the most expensive ones of course, engine, ecu, tranny, exhaust, susp), lost work and cant have 2 of these, this car would be great to have for the track, no sunroof, barely any ghetto mods, true sleeper, even ser's try to race me and it almost keeps up with only these mods:

-Brand new NX2000 front brake upgrade, with most expensive race fluid in SS Goodridge lines all around
-B&M short shifter (makes the best imrpovement on our cars)
-Brand new K&N Fipk, warm air intake (avoids water damage)
-Random Tech Cat
-ES motor mount bushings installed
-Courtesy Nissan FSTB
-Bumped up timing
-Hella german air horns connected to alarm
-Remote start (5 speed), pager/keychain alarm w/temp sensor
-Aiwa MP3 headunit 4 fairly new speakers
-Just had professional tint job, not too dark
-Brand new rims, nothing special, but supposed "race" rims from disc tire direct, cheap but perfect, with Nitto Extreme 450's. 15's with 205's, lots of tread
-Torquemaster plugs, most expensive and all around spark, car hauls ass
-Trust/Greddy custom shift knob
-Added ser taillights to this car from a forum member, looks identical to my ser
-PIAA $100 a pair headlights
-Generic fog lights

Car is a super well maintained daily driver treated to mobil 1 every 3K miles, has no major problems, but need a few very small things:

-O2 sensor or MAF may need replacing, mileage decrease in the last few miles Ive driven
-Interior headliner is ghetto stapled to the roof, you'd never notice it, or replace
-Interior is very good/near new, with only 2 small cig holes that can be fixed/replaced, and the driver seat is showing its age a little
-Needs body/paint work, parked on street for years, and people are cruel
-Need to find the screw to hold K&N on, the only ghetto mod now is that there is metal wire holding the K&N so as nto to scratch or damage the foam

This car was daily driven but low mileage, it has 136,000, but I have owned for 4 years and I got it at 100K, never beaten on, feels like a brand new modded se-r. I may be leaving out some other mods, and the car is located in long island now, I am in Queens and will be willing to entertain offers and even transportation to go see the car, its in storage at a friends now. I can slap some plates on and even take for test spin, trust me you will not be disappointed, I have owned many SE-R's so far, and this little SE is so close...someone with a good supply of parts can make this into a track star easily. I never modded suspension, never needed it, bone stock with the eng mods, its sweet. I am not putting an asking price, make an offer, I am looking to get some of my investment back. Over 4000 spent last year alone, I never did anything half-assed on it. You can pm me to discuss or call me on my cell @ 917-763-6259.
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Great mechancial car guys, no rust very fast and light, perfect for a swap or daily driver, make some offers. Car can be driven away, needs nothing. Will also include new clutch cable, that all it needed to drive perfectly. Willing to trade for NX2000 dont care color dont care auto or manual but must have t-tops, any offers?
91 Sentra

The car is being stored at a friends house in Long Island, I am in Jackson Heights, Queens, if you need transport to see it I can accomodate for it, trust me once you drive the car you will not be disappointed.

Contact me via email at [email protected] or on my cell @ 917-763-6259 to arrange to look at it. Where are you located also?
added slideshow for you to view car in daylight this time
and a bump
serrage said:
true sleeper, even ser's try to race me and it almost keeps up with only these mods:

feels like a brand new modded se-r.

I never modded suspension, never needed it, bone stock with the eng mods, its sweet.

Are you KIDDING me? LOL I know a guy who boosted his GA16 witha little T25, and I still beat him by about 1/2 a car. LOL
Its not the know the rest LOL J/K thanks for the bump though
edit: Pic of car with new rims on, anyone???

First $2000 in my hands takes it asap, has to go now.
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$1750 anyone? Cars got to go now, and a bump
Forgot, new clutch cable sitting in back seat with the deal...all the car really needed to be a mechanically flawless driver
EDIT: sorry i realized location i live in miami and it would cost to much to ship the car
its cool, thanks for the bump though
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