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Ok i've just finished my bluebird swap in a 95 200sx ser didn't have any wiring problems followed every step listed and to my knowledge have wired everything correctly... BUT one thing I must admit Man those VAC lines have got me messed up!!!
Alright I'm well aware about the EGR not being used and about the 2 or 3 ???plugs they do not end up plugged in?? Correct??
I've searched and followed the diagrams, and so far have "wired" the VAC lines correctly to the TB ...
Now to my problems there is two 1/2 inch "I think 1/2 inch" hoses on the back side of the manifold that I am yet to identify I swear I've tried every forum and google and either I'm not wording it correctly or man I don't know..... I have yet to run across a thread that mentions these two "outlets"
1 of them is right next to the power steering pump more towards the block and the other closer to the fire wall.

Now as it states I can start my car it WILL Idle "roughly though" barely stays alive "have to feather the throttle" and will ultimately end up dying down and/or back firing .....

This has been a long process and I'm not the type to get over excited or ahead of myself... so even before I turned the key for the first time I was prepared for the worst.... But darn inside I was like a child I wanted so badly for my baby to start right up and take it's first breath ....

Additional info-- I was attempting to start the car with out the IC piping connected "NA style" just so that I know the motor starts and runs before finishing putting the Axles in and giving myself less room to mess with the two hoses off the bottom of the manifold....

Please give me any advice I'm just about ready to try anything ... and If you got an SR20DET SER and you live in Orlando...
FEEL FREE TO PM ME!!! Someone with experience physically around, man would help A LOT!!!
Pizza and Beer ON ME!!!!

Further Additional Info ---- These two hose outlets face towards the ground and are only visible from underneth the car!!!
They are NOT the brake booster and BOV outlets those I already know!! Thanks In advance!!
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