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New member here and I had a question to ask...

I just sold off my Hatch and I bought a 95 200sx Se-R. With the money I have left over from the sale I want to go turbo, but I don't know which would be better for the money. I don't know any turbo kits for the 200sx, and I have a friend who has a BB swapped Se-R amd the car is a beast. Upgraded t3/t4 turbo and supporting mods.

I just want to know what would be the better alternative. Turbo the stock motor or swap in a bluebird sr20? If the swap is suggested,where can I find a motor and what will be needed to be custom fabbed to complete the swap? Labor will be free, my step dad is a mechanic :)

Thanks guys, I'd appreciate as much input as possible.

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There are literally dozens of posts covering this topic in the archives. I'll give you the Readers Digest version. Do a compression test. If your engine is healthy then go bolt on. If its on the way out then do a det swap.

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there is alot of threads on this subject, a few are mine lol but i dont car ill share what they tought me :D

i was faced with the sammme question not too long ago. basicle if the motor you have right now is a sr20de that runns pretty strong somewhat low miles (low miles for a sr20 is somewhere around 100-140k lol) then you go with the fmax kit because it will give you a shitload of power! more than your friend got for sure. but its all about choosing power/or reliability...if you can get both out of your de then go right for it. i couldnt, i have 180k still running ok but i know that if i put a turbo like that on it it would go in a matter of months, and i also wanted to be very upgradible (not saying the usdm or jdm sr20de arnt) but i know that the det engine can handle high boost condititons for a longer period of time without to much stress on the engine. because the usdm or jdm have a 9.5:1 c/r, the sr20det has 8.5:1 with oil spuirters (wich squirts oil to the bottom of your piston) , some say the oil squirters dont matter. (i dont care i would like to know i have them)...

now if you go det swap witch i am going, as far as fabrication and modifications go there are non (some people have to midify a piece on there tranny that hits the cross member on certain engines i believe, its nothing though just alil grinding) the engine swaps right in on the same mounts, it is the same engine as a usdm or jdm sr20 just lower compression. there still is alot of stuff that you need to get though, dont fool yourself like i did!! i just thought ok cool i need engine computer and voila! you could be ghetto and just get ittt in there running but i dont like doing things that way. so ill tell you what my whole systems going to have and what you should get too....

jdm sr20det (u12, u13, avenir, gtir)
clutch (act, CLUTCHNET, stage 2 or 3, i unno theres alot of clutches)
motor mount inserts (ours are very weak!) (es motor mounts)
jwt tuned ecu (jim wolf tech. this is if you want the total plug and play route, i like simple!)
boost ctrl'er (greddy or apex-i, this is not needed just something i want for sure)
turbo timer (greddy or apex-i, another thing nott needed just nice to have
down pipe (jgy )
fmic (issanni, spearco, forge, ect. nottt needed if you keep the top mount on a u12, but there not that efficient, they get heat soak, so its more ike a interwarmer)
fuel pump, (walbro, not neccesarry inless you go big injectors, i think its neccesary though :D
gauges (look through summit just find some good temp and boost gauges)
totalls to about 3.2k region (work not included),depending on your shopping tech, group buys are pretty cool ive got alot of this stuff on the way as wee speak from group buys.. like i said this is my route there is cheeper and easier ways to get more power, but im going safe and longevity. there will b guys putting down way better quarters than me that only paid 2.5k for there system, and they will argue to the death it runs forever and blah blah, but i dont want to take the chance, and ill like to brag lol.. but i must say it works for most though... pick your route

this is micselanious crap im doing because i dont want to later.
z32 maf or cobra
72lb inj with the three bar program from jwt (heard its a great setup)
fuel rail and fpr
the reason i dont want to do this later is because i dont want to have the hassle of reprogramming my comp everytime i upgrade something like fuel. yea it is going to be over kill for the little t25, but look on the brite side, youve got a system that can support alooott of power, al i need is new turbo and mani and boom i can jump from 230 whp to 350 whp,

ohh yea youll be spinning your tires all over town unless you get some nice deep rims with sticky tires. not needed though just a nice upgrade!

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Its only going to be a little cheaper turboing the stock motor, I spent a lot on my turbo setup, but most of that is stuff you have to buy anyway; fuel pump, JWT ecu, Intercooler setup, etc.

Enjoy the GTR Matt!
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I was in the same place as you, decided to go DE + turbo. After buying the engine + turbo stuff vs. the same thing that would come with a DET engine, I saved about $500, mostly because I was looking at the avenir W11 engine. If you decide to go with a bluebird U12, the price will only be a little cheaper, and you will have to hunt down the parts or buy a "kit" off someone who is upgrading.

My example:
W11 Avenir ball bearing turbo engine shipped to my door $1650, cheapest place I could find anywhere, everyone else was $2K or more.
Bluebird U12 usually $1200 or so + shipping.

Here is what I bought and paid delivered/picked up:
JDM DE $530
T25 kit with T28 internals, manifold, heatshields, braided oil lines, J-pipe, 3" downpipe, compressor outlet, and inlet pipes: $825
370cc injectors $110 (still looking, but seems to be standard price on them)
Total: $1465
But that includes the 3" mandrel downpipe $220 at JGY, andT28 internals. I could have bought the same kit WITH injectors and standard T25 for $700.

Basically I paid $1245 for the same thing I would have bought for $1650, and got it with a bigger turbo setup. That $400 = a new ACT clutch, or boost controller, whatever you want to apply it to.

My DE was toast though, so that price includes me buying a new JDM DE. If your engine is good, then no question, go with the turbo kit, you'll save a ton. That statement does not apply to the "kits" like hotshot, f-max, greddy etc.. those you will pay through the nose for. I'm talking about when the T25 guys here on the board decide to upgrade to a T03/04E and have to get new everything, they sell the whole kits in the classifieds section.

You really should make a list of what you want, how much it costs new, how much you want to spend on it, and then just sit back and watch the forum and Ebay. Buy stuff cheap when you see it and once you get all the parts together start building it.

With either option you will still have to buy some of the same things..ecu or piggyback (SAFC or choice), downpipe, exhaust, boost controller, turbo timer, fuel pump, better clutch etc. I didn't factor those into the "savings" above, since you'll have to buy them anyway.

It aint cheap, that is for sure. I'll have about $3K out once it is done, and I've been shopping like an old lady on double coupon day trying to save money.
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