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Just cause i love you guys....

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nice find, jeff....i do kinda like that first one on there....hmmm
yeah thats the one i would get too
thats wierd, the link won't work for me..just loads a blank page.
ohhh, nm...doesn't work in Mozilla, but doesn't in IE... I don't really like any of em...they all seem to sedanish.
those seem to be pretty good prices on those body kits. especially since they are in canada and you could drive over and get them... well kinda depends on where you are.
yeah i just figured ide share a link so we can actually answer someones question on "where can i get a body kit for my car?"
i dunno which one i like more but thanks for the link
first off id like to say that cruceno21's nx is mad nice and clean looking,lol and i cant wait til i get that carzone kit thats a great price on that link
I posted this over in the canadian forums long ago under my other account. But yes, I like the MS design one.

I'd paint it a better color, that paint job is horrible.
MS kit all the way for me! Thats hot :)

I like the ms design but i have doubts about hwo the front end would fit over an IC :(
Yeah Id have a hard time hacking up a bumper that cost that much :D
brought back from the dead make this **** a sticky y0
serchef said:
brought back from the dead make this **** a sticky y0
Why, that link up top doesnt even work anymore :squint:
Fast91SER said:
Why, that link up top doesnt even work anymore :squint:
What do you mean? It gives you a redirect to their new site where you can look around to find the kits.
Worked fine, make this a sticky yo, lol.
lol y0 means its straight UKDM y0
I priced them out and they where real expencive to ship to FL.
So I bought my kit frow Wicked kits in NJ.
I will be puting on when it gets painted.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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