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I just order my CF Hood from Fiber Images. Then i saw this new company BodykitsNW on group buy website. BodykitsNW saying that there CF hood are better. ANd they pointed out put Fiber Images and other company make there CF hood. What do you guys think??? Here is what

BodykitsNW said:We have been providing dealers and retail customers top quality carbon fiber hoods. We now will start providing you now with even more top quality products this year. The new hoods we provide will include a 3 year warrenty. We will include a Certificate that explains the warrenty with a signature and it will be valid for 3 years starting on the date of receipt. Also prices will be a set retail price for everyone. No matter who you go to prices will be the same. We want the customer service to be the deciding factor when you are choosing who to purchase from.

Don't be fooled by those carbon fiber hoods that mostly use a fiberglass uppershell. That just makes the hood thick and heavy. We try to utilize the full potential of carbon fiber. There are many ways to do that! But most people are using fiberglass chooped strand mat. You can call that a carbon fiber hood, but using chopped strand mat is a cheap way of doing things. Here is a pic of what chopped strand mat looks like. If the back of your hood looks like this, and usually its pigmented black then your hood is made up of this stuff w/ usually 1 layer of carbon.

Here is a description from a local distributor of this mat.
Chopped strand fiberglass mat is the most extensively used reinforcement in the fiberglass industry. The advantages of mat versus fabrics are their low cost and how easily they conform to contours. They do not offer the strength characteristics of fabrics, but are ideal for low cost, rapid build ups.

Also watch out for hoods that use threaded inserts. These are pressed in place. They are held in place by those little ridges and pressure. These can break loose after time.

Ask Questions! Don't just purchase a hood because the picture looks good.

1. Are hood pins required? Does the hood use the factory latch?
2. Is it clear coated? Or is it just a gel coat buffed to a shine? Does the hood have UV protection?
3. What does it weigh? What kind of materials are being used? Hand laid? Rough edges? or smooth?
4. Does it have a socket for the hood support?
5. How does the hood handle high speed pressure?
6. Windshield washer holes?

These are questions you should ask when you purchase a carbon fiber hood. Even if you don't purchase from us. Get what you pay for!

Hoods are fully finished underneath that is one piece. Not like other skeleton's where the holes are actually cutout like the stock OEM Hood. These are cleaner and not only look good on the top, but on the bottom as well. Also the edges are not white and rough. They are also black and finished nicely!

We will also be coming out with another new hood that will be for high end market such as spoon. It is in the process of R&D and we will include our warrenty with that as well. All hoods are made in house by top quality carbon fiber and aerospace engineers who we have selected. Some with 40 years of experience. So not only have we changed from a distributor to a manufacturer this year, but we will also stand behind the products we manuf. We want to let people know what they are buying. I would like everyone to learn something if they purchase products from us. We want to answer your questions as complete as possible and let you know what is out there

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I've met Andy, one of the guys who runs BodykitsNW and I've seen some of their hoods... I must say, I have been impressed, nice guys, and the quality of their product is exceptional... I have not seen a sentra hood from him yet, but I can't wait!
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