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Guys I need to know sizes/lengths or part#'s for the following:
Doing a det swap in a 1.6L car and I got the car with no motor or tranny so I'm screwed now...
I need:
Tranny to motor bolts
Motor to engine mount bolts
starter to engine bolts
and crossmember bolts

Will a grade 8 that fits do or are some of these special nissan stuff?

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I'll take a stab to get things rolling. From memory:

Tranny to motor bolts - I don't remember anything unique about these bolts. You should be able to source these at the local hardware store. I believe at least some of these are 12mm x 1.75 and probably around 50mm to 60mm in length.

Motor to engine mount bolts - I believe all of these bolts are 10mm. Not sure of the thread pitch. The only unique bolt I remember is the one that goes thru the tranny mount (aka driver's side mount)... it is cut with a pointed tip, I assume to allow it to be easier to thread. Also, you *might* have clearence problems if you go with the 10mm bolts from the hardware store since most I've seen come with 17mm heads. I have 10mm bolts with 17mm heads on my front engine mount (passenger mount) and it is a very tight fit. I believe Nissan's bolts have 14mm heads.

starter to engine bolts - they are fairly long bolts and probably tough to find. Probably source these from Nissan.

and crossmember bolts - These are unique. Definitely source these from Nissan. You'll also need the plastic washers (cheap) and the rubber spacers (expensive) that go with them.

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