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I am using a Turbo XS dual stage manual boost controller with Tial 35mm wastegate on my turbo setup. Whenever I first punch the gas the boost will spike up to about 10 psi and then come back down and stay at 8. Is this normal when using a manual boost contoller (or electronic one)? I have been told by a couple people it is normal and that it is alright because it is not holding (or staying at) the higher amount of boost. Should I worry about it? Thanks.



you are seeing a spike in boost due to where your waste gate gets its vacuum/boost signal. Say, if you get your waste gate signal at the compressor housing then you will signal the wastegate before you can see it on a manifold gauge. If you put that signal before the throttle body then you will see a drop and if you run the signal to the manifold then you will see the highest drop. All of this is due to the time it takes for the boost to go to the wastegate. A quick way to see how much of a pressure drop you have through your piping is to hook the wastegate to the manifold. In your ex.. you are seeing a 2psi drop through the pipes. Hopefully this helps.
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