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Boost/vacuum leak?

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Just recently, my car feels like its losing power, it doesnt pull as hard, and I seem to hear a louder hissing than normal from the turbo. Also boost drops, it doesnt stay at 10 psi, it will drop to about 7-8psi. I havent had a chance to check the piping, but could this be a leak somewhere?
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same **** happens to me,what the hell is it??????
could be a exhaust leak in the exhuast manifold
i had a similar problem not too long ago. for me what fixed it was changing the gasket between the block and the exhaust mani. might not be your problem. but i know it was mine!

I figured out, I looked at it, 30 seconds later I found a 1" cut in one of my couplers. Changed it, good as new.
::Jelousy:: man....i want a turboed car so bad.....but i still need my daily driver ::end jelousy::......glad u fixed ur problem serb
yeah glad to hear you got everything straight.
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