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bored, so I guess I'll make fun of Bowlcut :)

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Went to his webpage and looked his resume. Here's where he has worked:

· BOSCH BREAKING SYSTEMS Johnson City, Tennessee (May 1997 - August 1997)

Engineering Department - Developing database,

· BOSCH BREAKING SYSTEMS Johnson City, Tennessee)

If you were breaking systems then maybe no one will want to hire you. Now if you were working on braking systems, that might be a good thing. :)

HAHAHAHAHAHA me funny hahahaha yeah right ok I'll leave now :)
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You must be bored. :) What can I say my dad wrote that one up for me like 2 years ago. He needed a resume from me so he wrote one up. And you know how spell checkers work. Oh well I dont really care. That page is so old its rediculous
bosch makes brakes? I didn't know that. I guess you learn something new everyday :)
Well they make brake rotors and drums. Our plant that my dad works at. I worked in engineering designing a database. But they make rotors for small trucks and vans. Like they make the UN105 which is a Ford rotor I think its for the explorer. Make some stuff for chrystler and people like that. It was one of their plants they bought to expand their product line. They bought it from Allied Signal which bought it from Budd. We used to do mainly heavy truck and 18 wheeler drums and stuff like that. It was a cool place to work got to see alot of cool stuff
I know on the 98+ Camaros and Firebirds the entire braking system is made by Bosch. I think they do ABS systems as well. My friend's 93 Caprice has a little box underhood that says Bosch right on it- that would be the ABS box I'm pretty darn sure
We never made any car stuff I dont think but we did press in the abs rings and stuff like that. 100 ton press is fun. Makes a coke can about an 1/2 inch tall :) Then the bright one decides to put a full one in there that wasnt cool.
But bosch makes all kind of stuff. I had no clue on their product line until I worked there.
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