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Oh yaaaah. My favorite subject. Down to business..... I hope you have the larger AD22VF caliper. They were found on the NX2000 w/ABS and on the NON ABS sport package. Yes, there was a "sport" package. I have blown through a lot of discs and $$$ trying stuff out. The x-drilled Power Stop rotors are my favorite to date. I must say that the factory pads are not bad at all with a very good metal content. They eat up rotors though. I really liked the Friction tech pads (#D549) w/the X-drilleds. They are just impossible to find now. EBC greens are not available for these brakes at this point. So now i'm on the Power Stop X-drilled w/Axis metal pads (once Repco, etc). Call OLMPIC at 800-370-0041 ( and you will be speaking to either Ralph or Liz. They have great prices and Ralph was very good about the "ABS vs non ABS vs non ABS sport brakes. Leave the rear ones factory unless you go with a big SMC front kit. Good luck

P.S. Forgot to give input on drive. I like the way the Powerstop & Axis work together. Good warm up and GREAT once they are warm. These will last a long time. Metal pads last a long time w/X-drilleds.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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