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I have a '91 SE-R, and my friend just got a '92 NX2000.

we are both experience a slight, but annoying problem with our brakes. Here's the scenario: when the brakes are stepped on initially, the pedal feels spongy and coarse. release it and immediately depress it again, and it feels nice, tight, and smooth--not to mention it stops better.

the problem is more pronounced on my car than the NX, but i just put on new rotors and pads. any suggestions?

thanks in advance.


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It might be time to bleed the brakes. A thorough, proper bleeding of the brake fluid makes a big difference in pedal feel. From there, you can adjust the pedal freeplay to engage the brakes with less travel.

If you haven't already, change the brake fluid, too.

This tells about the fluid ratings:

I've used Valvoline DOT 3/4 in my near-stock '92 and not had any problems with fluid fade during track lapping sessions, so it would work great for the street. You can get it at Wal-Mart for cheap, too.

A well-bled, well-adjusted brake setup with fresh fluid is worth the effort.

Moisture can build up in the brake fluid It Sounds like its time to change yours.
Motul is good also.

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What they said. Bleeding brakes is pretty cheap and easy. I've solved several phantom brake issues in the past by bleeding brakes. If it doesn't do anything to help, you've lost very little money and time.

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