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brake squeal, while accelerating!

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ok this sucks, I get brake squeal from 20-40 mph while accelerating... it comes and goes, but it usually happens when the brakes are warmed up. If I step on the brake pedal the sound will go away, but as soon as I let off, the sound comes back (or until I go slower than 20mph/faster than 40mph). I think I've determined the sound to be coming from the front brakes, although the squeal is so loud that I can't be too sure...

I didn't grease up the front metal retainer things that sit on the top/bottom of the caliper when installing my new pads and rotors (I only greased the rear up), nor did I lube up the pin bolts (I think that's what they're called)--the bolts that are taken out to open the caliper upward. I also didn't put any grease/compound behind the brake pads.

Any recommendations on what I should do? btw my pads/rotors are a mere 2 weeks old (oem replacement rotors/axxis ultimate pads)
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Sounds like your into the wear indicators , the pads have little metal tabs that rub on the rotors causing a squeel , that tells you to go to a shop so they can tell you you need new brake pads !!
actually I have new pads all around, they're only 2 weeks old...! Anyway I adjusted the parking brake and lubed up the front calipers/bolts, even put a thin layer on the back of the pads. I still get squealing while accelerating... forgot to mention that I also get squeal while braking when they're cold.

I think the sound is actually coming from the rear right brakes. I'll try removing the rear seats and see if it actually is.

I remember nicking the rear right pads when installing them: I had a hard time slipping the caliper onto the rotors, and I ended up putting a groove on the outer pad while trying to force it on the caliper... I think that could be my problem. Well I've yet to lube the rear brakes so I'll see if that'll get rid of the squeal.
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