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Noticed a spongy feel to my brakes (non-ABS) and went to dealer. New master cylinder ordered and put in. Tech. tested it and the brakes were fine. A couple of hours later I picked it up and got as far as the curb and the brakes were worse than when I brought it in. Back up on the lift and the lines were bled and recharged with fluid. Still spongy (very) and left it overnight. Bled again this AM and tech tested when they were through. By the time I got there to take it home it was soft again. Another night in the shop. Anyone have any ideas? Can a line be compromised but not enough to actually show a leak. ??? I'm at a loss.

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ya, you could have a bad seal, bleeder screw, line, ect. just have him (or you) go over the whole system to make sure nothing is leaking out. or get a good measurement of your brake fluid when it is good, and when it is bad in the m/c and you will find out if you have a leak, or the mechanic is just a dumb ass. you need to bleed the farthest brake, 2nd farthest, 3rd farthest, and the closest one.

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