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Brand New(Used) Car Alarm/Remote Starter

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I have a Ultra Start 2250A alarm/remote starter for sale. The brain is less than a week old and the wire harness is about a month old. You might say huh? The brain a week old, YES, I originally bought the unit about a month ago, had it installed at the shop I bought it, but it never worked. I go back and tell them they test it and replace the unit-they sold me a used one without telling me. Then again it wouldn't work, went back again. But this time I had made sure they connected everything o.k. It look like they took the same old unit and put it back in. SO, I had to "Roll Up On Them" and finially got it resolved. A Completely BRAND NEW BRAIN. Works great. Has lock/unlock, outputs for extra excessories, etc. It is currently installed on my 5spd se-r. The price is $180 + 10 for shipping anywhere. For the local buyers, I'm willing to install the unit for FREE - I have only experience on the B12 and B13 chassis. If you have any other vehicle I can assist you on the install. Disclaimer: If you are installing this unit on a manual trans. you are completely responsible for any damage that may occur if you leave the vehicle in gear.

So, Ultra Start 2250A Alarm/Remote Starter, for $180 + $10 shipping. Free installation for local buyers.(B12-B13 Chassis) Still has it's 1yr manufactor warrenty.
Any questions PM me or reply.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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