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Guy sent this message to the mailing list. You work in the shop and not the parts dept right? Just wondering why he didn't list your name.

Vince McCurley took a great opportunity at another dealership.

I spoke with Steve Richardson (parts manager) concerning who everyone
should deal with. He stated that everyone who works parts is very qualified
and should be able to deal with your order. And, if you have any concerns,
to let him know.

Vince typically had several calls holding at any one time. This caused you
to possibly not get through in a timely manner. By spreading around the
volume, you should get better service. The average experience at the
dealership is 13 years.

Randy is who answers all of your emails to [email protected] and parts
inquiries on

Bruce, Jim, Butch, Pete, Robert, Ben and Wade all work the parts counter.

Caleb, Wickham, Dave have the late shift (7-9pm)

So, you may want to find another *favorite* to deal with. But, be sure to
give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I know several of them and have
really enjoyed being close to the dealership so I can stop by.

Remember, they offer 25% off retail on Nissan parts to SE-R list members.
And, while other dealers have started doing this, they have been supporting
the gearhead community for many years. And, I am one who is a very loyal
customer. Also, they have an extensive line of aftermarket parts for our


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well, I just started there about a week and a half ago, and I work in the shipping dept. I do not answer any phones, anything like that, just ship the stuff that people order. If someone has a question about a se-r, or any other car, I can pretty much answer their question. myself and steve both own se-rs and Caleb and Mitch (not mentioned either) both own tricked out Nissans and Robert used to have a few tt zs, so most of the staff is pretty heads up on their performance, dont worry, steve is right, everybody is really knows their stuff down there.
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