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I just put a new ACT clutch in my car with the Clutch Masters lightened flywheel got 125 miles on the break in period doing the normal 3000 rpm shift to 2nd and pop no more after the 60.00 tow got it home pist off at the world...that moment in time.jack up my car regreting removing the tranny again.spun one wheel no movement from the wheel NOTHING so I thought F**K I just had the tranny rebuild so now I proceded to remove the axles pulled out the r/side and was like wheres the rest? about two inches missing off the the hell do you snap an axle? how does this happen? needless to say I was releved it was not the tranny...but a week out for the new one and a core charge because it's about insult to injury....damn now I'm really going to sell my car after this...
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