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These are the signs I usually look for to determine if my timing belt is broken, hope this helps!

If you think that your car’s timing belt has been deteriorating, you first need to differentiate between damaged timing belt and damaged timing chain. Because they function in a similar way, they will have the same failure symptoms.

Strange Noises - Ticking noises originating from your engine bay is an early symptom of a malfunctioning timing belt. However, this could also be an indication of insufficient oil pressure. The ticking noise caused by timing belts might be caused by poorly synchronized engine components.

The engine cannot start — You won't be able to start the engine if the timing belt is entirely broken.

Alternatively, a timing belt snap will almost certainly happen while you're driving. Your car's interior components may also be affected in this situation. Bent valves, camshaft damage, and cylinder head damage are common when the timing belt snaps while the car engine is still running.

Engine misfiring: The timing belt is in charge of maintaining the crank and camshaft iin rhythm. Therefore, engine misfires are likely to happen when the timing belt fails, characterized by popping sounds. Gas smells, erratic power delivery, or vibrations are the indicators of misfiring.

Check engine light on your car is illuminated: For some modern autos, a broken timing belt may also illuminate their check engine light.
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