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Built SR20DET but run as N/A

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What do you think about my SR20DET with these specs: (and run as a N/A without turbo)

solid tomei poncams
Solid tomei lifters
Dual supertech valvesprings 95lb
Titanium retrainers supertech
Supertech valve seals

Mazworx mechanical chain tensioner

Mazworx headstuds
Mazworx Mainstuds
ARP flywheel bolts
JE pistons 10.0:1
Manley rods


DeatschWerks 320 LPH ()

3" Pipe
race cat
Kakimoto 4-5" muffler

Torque stage 3 lighten flywheel
Competition clutch Steg 4

Mishimoto 19row oilcooler
Big intercooler
Upgraded water cooler
Mishimoto racing thermostat
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just use a oem tensioner. engine will work, but nothing special without that turbo.
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just use a oem tensioner. engine will work, but nothing special without that turbo.
Reason for OEM tensioner?
Reason for OEM tensioner?
mazworx is for race car. oem is best for street. and no adjustment needed.
Our new SR timing chain tensioner significantly improves upon the factory hydraulic timing chain tensioner which can fail when stiffer valve springs are installed. With the stock tensioner, the installation of bigger cams and stiffer valve springs can also cause excessive timing chain wear and can cause the chain to stretch prematurely. The Mazworx tensioner does not need oil pressure to operate and, when properly adjusted, can function as well or better than a factory OEM tensioner, can reduce wear and help improve reliability.

I cant see the problem when i drive with really stiff spring (dual supertech) + Solid cams from tomei + solid lifters.
NOTE: Im not saying you are wrong, im just trying to figure out why it would not work better than oem tensioner.
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