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Hey guys--doing a complete tune up today--and when I removed the top hose of the fuel filter gas poured out (under pressure) for 3 min!! I put the hose back on. How do I releive the pressure so I can change the filter?
I cleaned out the bpt and egr and hoses and holy ****!!!!!!!! I had no idea these cars made power to red line. I kept reading how people wanted a higher redline and I had no idea what they were talking about as I started losing power before 5500 or so--no I make power right up to the redline!! I love this car now!!

When doing the brakes and replacing the wheel studs (thanks!!! you guys saved me at least 50 bones!!!) I noticed not only the driver--but also the passenger cv boots were ripped and grease was everywhere!! Am I just very unlucky--or did my driving do this? I have been a little silly with the car since I bought it--trying to get used to it and feel it out. I have been hard lauching with tire spin and such. Does aggressiv driving shorten the life of these boots? I will just have both axles replaced in a couple weeks when I get the act put in to save on labor. I know the driver is already squeky---so I am sure I got sand in them both.
spark plug gap---- I gapped my ngk plugs from courtesy at about 40, that is where the originals were. Auto palace said they had them at 44 and at 32!!!! What is the proper gap? I also beleive I had platinum in there originally---the ones I got from courtesy are regular ngk--should I change them back to platinum--they seem to run ok?

oily number one spark plug? the others were perfect. the tip and business end of the number 1 plug were dry and white like the others, but the threads had quite a bit of oil. What does this usually suggest?

anyone have a neat site on how to read spark plugs?

thanks again for all your help!!! I really appreciate it!!


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The fuel pressure thing is easy. Pull the fuel pump fuse,start it up and let it idle till it dies. Now your ready to pull the filter.

I'm not sure what the oil on the plug is. A valve guid seal wearing out? Maybe?

Also the way you dirve dosen't effect your axle boots. They just wear out after a while. If they are making noise they are prolly shot. You might need to get a remanufactured axle.


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go here it shows pics and descriptions so you can read the spark plug


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As for the fuel pressure, here's a little trick that helps out a bunch if you don't have time to pull the fuel pump fuse and run it out of gas: Just take your gas cap off at the rear of the car, and that'll slowly relieve pressure from the system as the car sits. However, you'll still get some fuel coming out, but not as much.
Pulling the fuse/running it out of gas is still the best method, though.
Spark plugs. Gap the NGK coppers at .040 and leave 'em in there. They're good plugs, just need to be replaced more often than platinums, is all.
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