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I am writing this due to a situation that happened over the past few weeks. Everything has been resolved thanks to the help of the Mod team we have here. I am not doing this to bad mouth either Adog or Carliz. More of a warning to you fellow forum members about my experience with them.

I was intrested in purchasing a new 4 Fog MDM bumper I saw Adog was selling them with foglights for 750. After PMing him a deal was struck, he told me it would be 2 weeks until my stuff got shipped. He left a "deposit" with the dealer but they were having issues getting the parts. I initially told him to take his time, in the meantime I ordered a GTS rear bumper, a set of Super Saloon side skirts and OEM powerfolding mirrors. The guy I was ordering my JDM parts had a 4 fog to ship for a reasonable price and no added shipping.

Seeing as Adog had still not gotten my bumper from the dealer I asked for a refund. He sent me 450 of my 750 and said the 300 dollar "deposit" would be sent a bit after he got it back. Fast forward 2 weeks I PMed Adog about the deposit and heard nothing back for a few days.

That is when I contacted a Mod to help out. After a few days Adog replied saying he was having health problems and he did not have my money. He said he and his brother Carliz would get me my money soon and sent 100 at a time. Adog was apparantly using his brothers paypal account. I am repaid in full at this point in time and I am thankful for that.

I am posting this to warn other people about these guys. I have my money but am still wondering why they spent my money on something other than the bumper I wanted. After numerous questions via myself and Chriscar we still have not gotten an explaination.

I support this community and try to buy from members and vendors that have good ratings here. Adog has a good rating here and seemed legit I have heard horror stories on this forum but I thought I was very careful and it wouldn't happen to me. I almost lost 300 dollars to these guys and want to warn the community about them.

Right now they are both banned from selling but that may change. I want to say thank you to Chriscar for making it his job to get me my money back. It is up to you if you still trust them with your money. I wouldn' t buy a pack of gum from either of these guys.

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