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Just got this month's issue of Car and Driver. Page 123 (IIRC) is a 'Preview' test of the new SE-R Spec V. Pretty favorable review, if you ask me. I'm sure C/D will do a full-pop analysis of the car, AND they'll probably get one for a 40,000-mile Long Term Test, as soon as they can.
One thing's for sure: The C/D guys LOVE SE-Rs, and are knowledable about them.

Greg Perry, '93 SE-R w/ 149,000 miles, JWT pop, header, ProActive
clutch, ST bar, NOS direct-port 75hp, Autopower 4-point roll bar/harnesses.
[email protected] 1/4 mile, [email protected] 1/8 mile, 1.98 60-ft.

My SE-R page, with videos

Im going to have to take a lil trip down to Barnes & Noble after work today.

-3x CRX owner
-SE-R mods: "Home Depot" intake

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