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C/F B14 200sx Trunk...

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Alrighty, Since things are moving along nicely I am working out the intial group buy to get these produced.

C/F is going to be no more than 500$ shipped.

Fiberglass is going to be 375$ shipped.

I need 15 people who what this to happen to email [email protected] with half down to fund the molding and their pieces. Once the molds are complete Then the first one who deposited the downpayment will recieve a conframation Email from me with a request for the remainder of the money and it will be shipped to them. (And So On!)

Like I said this Is for an OEM Fitment Trunk for the B14 200Sx. It will have 1/4 skeleton in inside with a glossy C/F weive finish or the optional Fiberglass in a black gel coat. All of the Mounting points for the latch and trunk lifts will be reinforced.

Thanks for the support!
Mike Roberts
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im in for cf oem trunk....

1 kesi24
2 mYseRgOesvrOOm
3 Jason JGY Customs
4 Mike Kojima
5 Peral200sx
Man, I hope this goes through. Someone really needs to just grow some money balls and make a mold. Make some trunks and start selling them. This is the 3rd or 4th group buy. Just go with how many people you can get. 15? Yeah...I got my money on 5. Maybe. 20 May post they want...but only 3 will pay.

Enough of my ranting. I'm in for the CF trunk if it gets done QUICK!!! I'm tired of waiting.
Al right, I know people have been talking about getting this made for the longest time. I purchased the trunk a year ago hopeing to do this and all of the cutting grinding research pricing is done.... I will have pics of the prototype at the end of the week to prove it. Know that I own the company what I say goes and I want one for My car by the summer. So I am going to Make this happen.....
Right now I am focusing on the 200sx since I already have the product ready to mold. If everything goes well with the production of the 200 trunk then we will focus on the sentra trunk..
Hey Mike wassup, Its me Brian, used to have the old maxima. anyhow i would like to see one of your finished products.

Is Robert getting one put on his 200?
BlkB14 said:
Hey Mike wassup, Its me Brian, used to have the old maxima. anyhow i would like to see one of your finished products.

Is Robert getting one put on his 200?
I dont know what robert is doing. He has my grill and eyebrow set up wit some other custom stuff. I really cant speak for him...
So, you have the mold and all right? So why don't you just ask us for the money? Since you wan't one on your car, after you make it and show pics I'll throw down the money that you need.

Also...see into shipping this via GreyHound. They shipp huge products for pretty cheap. Got my roll cage from Florida for only 30-40bucks. Just a thought...tryin to save money :D
I have the trunk prototyped. It is not molded yet. The group buy is to help pay for the mold and peices ordered. I need a cetrtain amount of people who are willing to participate to help cover the costs.
About how much do you need? I can fork over all the money and just wait for the trunk to be made if thats what you need. But better get it done soon cuz I'm jobless :D
PM sent...
Here are the pics!!! Sorry crappy cam...

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Is that the actual CF one? id be down for one, just dont ahve all the money right now, its going to buy my turbo.
when these are done, i can look at them first hand for everyone.
No thats the prototyped one with the inner skeleton removed ready to mold...

This is a finished C/F engine cover for the B15.

This is the B14 velocitypower hood.

Here is our B15 eyebrows and hood close up.

As you guys can see the Quality is some of the best on the market as well as the fitment!!!! We strive to make the best possible products and I assure the trunk will be no different.....
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damn... B14 sentra guys always get left out.

come on 200 guys... get on this so its successfull and he makes a sentra version.
If there is enough sentra support I will do the same. But right now I can see the misbelief of the 200 guys since rumors have been going around for over a year with nothing to show for it. Well the time has come. If the sentra guys or B13 or NX kids want to see some thing let me know and if they can do the leg work with finding enough people to make it happen I will!
Dammit. There's always only like 2. Me and Kesi...grr...
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