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I was just wondering what the consequences/disadvantages there are to running the C2's/C3's without the titanium retainers. Are the stock retainers just too weak to hold the stiffer valve springs?

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resurrected from almost 2years of neglect, but searched EVERYTHING i could....

i have c3's and was going to use just the stiffer springs from jwt, without retainers, now i have a few questions.

1. is it possible to physically to use stock retainers with the jwt springs, as far as fit?

2. the jwt springs arent super heavy as far as stiffness, so isnt the strength of the stock retainer fine?

3. is the only true gain of the Ti retainer the loss of weight on the valvetrain?

andreas, could u please drop some knowledge? i pmed u and i didnt get a response.. nor a price on the valves springs.. please help a brotha out.

i dont want the typical response of "jwt says its necessary" i want to know why the Ti retainers are. of course the stiffer springs are necessary because of the high-lift needs to be kept in check, along with high rpm valve float.

the only thing i can figure with the lighter retainers is the ability to switch directions, vlave going up and down, thus making it easier to open close and helping fight float.

please please... those with the first hand info and expirience... drop some knowledge

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No, the retainers aren't nec IIRC. However, I think JWT sells it as a kit
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