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I know GC makes a good set. HERE
Tein also makes a set. HERE
Motivational makes a rear mount. Discontinued!
Do the Cusco's fit on the B14's? HERE

So which do i go with. I know the GC camber/caster plates are suppose to be the best, but do i need them. I plan on running Koni Fronts off of a b15 and GC coilovers. Would the Teins work well or am i better off spending twice the money on the GC plates?
This is a daily driver but i dont want to get something that is junk. If the Cusco's fit i think i would go with them since they are middle of the road. But i am not sure which is good quality and what i really need.

If anyone has used either the GC's or the Tein's let me know what you think so i can make an educated guess. I have read the suspension post but they do not discuss the camber plates very well.
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