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can i use a safc with a gtir ecu and 300 zx maf

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iet me know asap thanks :D
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I give up? Can you?
I have a GTiR swap and am using a Z32 MAF. I don't have SAFC. I have a FPR and a A/F guage. I've watched and tuned accordingly and never run lean. It runs great. It makes a noticable increase in top end...5000+.
thank you very much
so can i use the afc or just leave it a lone
Yes you can its really simple to do with the s-afc all you have to do once you've wired up the new maf is change the s-afc settings to 300zx maf in gtir out, takes 30 seconds at most lol
how do yoy do it
jus-SER-luv said:
how do yoy do it
Do you want him to hold your hand too?
it will still work without the 300zx maf right?....

Will it? :confused:
no it will no after all my research i came to find out
that if you dont have a jimwolf program then it will not work with the stock one so get a z32 mafs and it will work just fine .
I've got a Z32 MAF and i just put a FPR on and messed with that and watched my A/F ratio it appears to be running normal. I mean it never goes lean. stays stoich to rich....No JWT ecu, and no SAFC2 ro anything. I've got a GTiR swap so that could be why too....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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