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I have a 2000 sentra SE and any engine performance part i find for the sr20de doesn't list my car as being able to use it. All i have so far is a Stillen intake, and vitek wires cause i tried putting in an MSD 6al and then found out that a resistor in my coil won't accept it's signal. Are eibach sportline springs any good? i just ordered those today. And UR pulleys are probably gonna be the next thing. That's all i've been able to find, besides exhaust, which i don't wanna do yet, until i find something that's super quiet. So what about an ECU, cams, gears, headers, etc.? Can i use all the same stuff? Somebody please help me out, this engine is begging me for more power.

Jah Rastafari
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The Headers from any SE-R model will fit. No computer yet. Cams will be out by September. Just hang on.

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Here are your choices for mods right now for a 00+ SE.

Exhaust Catback

G20 BABK should fit
SMC stainless steel brake lines
SMC probably also has a BABK

SMC short shifter
B&M short shifter
Energy shifter bushing (though I have tried this yet, I think it should fit)

Stillen pop
JWT pop
Hotshot CAI
Place Racing CAI
UR Pulleys (water,crank,alternator, it doesn't look like the power steering will work)
Hotshot header (specific to the b15, they added a exhaust hanger to the secondary and should be throwing in a O2 bung that you need to weld after the cat so you won't get a check engine light)

B&G coilovers
Eibach pro-kits and sportlines

Stillen spoilerettes
Erubuni body kits (2 complete ones or pieces if you only like parts of them)
West Coast Spoiler body kit

Stuff in development that we should see soon
JWT cams (should be being tested now)
Place Racing Motor mounts (still be be r&d'ed, but should be out in the next few weeks)
Progress coilovers (made, but not for sale yet)
Progress sway bar (made but not for sale yet)
N-Tech control arm brace (no commitment on this, but I would say in the next 6 months)

I think that is everything.
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