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Alright. The car basically flat out runs like ****. So me and my dad went through the wiring schematix, and found the MAF Input to the computer was unplugged, as to where the MAF Output was plugged in. The car ran, not good, but the car ran. After this, we plugged the MAF Input back into where it should plug in, and now the car dies after about 5-6 seconds of running. Have a few questions:

1. I am running a Cobra MAF. Yes, I know, get a Z32 MAF. Well, I got a deal on my Cobra MAF so I'm not complaining. What MAF setup do I use for the Cobra maf under Main Unit Settings?

2. I've got some MSD 50 lb. injectors on there. Before, when the MAF was not plugged in, the car was running super rich after changing from the factory 259cc injectors to the 50 lb. injectors under the Main Unit Settings. Now, after plugging in the MAF Input connection to my ECU, the car would barely run at all with the 50 lb. injectors setting on E-Manage, but for shits and giggles I changed the setting back to 259cc injectors (Factory size) and the idle smoothed out great, and the car ran for a few seconds then died. What's the deal with that?

3. What should idle fuel pressure be at? I have an Aeromotive FPR and it will not adjust fuel pressure by any means. I guess I'm just retarded, but I have no idea. WTF!

My Rotary Switches are on the P10 settings (2,0,7). I think for now these are my only questions. I'm going to check a few more things tomorrow, and if I find anything I'll post it.

BTW - This is a B13 XE w/ SR20 swap.

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