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car still sputering! help

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i changed the cap rotor, checked plugs and wires... the car still sputters. i tried injector cleaner and it is still screwed up, the injector cleaner did do something though. the sputtering is not as bad and it makes alot more power when sputtering instead of almost not working! when the car is cold it runs fine but after 5 min of driving the sputtering gets worse and worse and istead of bieng able to full throttle it, it will sputter if i only put 1/4 throttle on it, but it will run fine if a keep it at low throttle... so i think it cant b anything but an injector.. why it is sensative to car temp i have no clue... do i haveto buy new injectors or will i be able to remove them and maybe give them a quick clean over, if soo how do i do this??? thanks guys! this sucks too many problems keep hitting me when i dont need them too! i need to get this problem fixed so i can get this thing smoged and go turbo so i have 2 years to figure out what to do! :cool:

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whats going on man. did you ever figure your problem out because i am having the same problem with my sr20det g20. i put the motor in about 6 months ago but cant drive it around because it spits and sputters under low throttle. Under wot it runs like a beast though. i dont know if i have the same problem as you but it is sounding very familiar.
holy **** look at the date of that post
Did anyone figure this out?
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