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Why: Urbanimport's Grand Opening and the One Year Anniversary of CarolinaNissans
Date: April 17th 2004
Time: 1:30-5:30 pm
Caravans: ????? perhaps from Charlotte
Where: Urbanimport in Durham, NC

The meeting will be @ Urbanimport's location from 130-530 pm. Hamburgers will be provided. If you want hot dogs, chicken, etc... bring your own and/or bring cash and we will make a food run to the nearby Food Lion.

I'm trying to get some more CarolinaNissans stickers together to hand out. I will tentatively have the original design, white, and red stickers.

We will hang out, bs, & talk about cars, etc during this time... & stuff our faces!!

Spork has an LCD projector, so later on videos may be watched. Feel free to bring some videos you think will go over well with the Carolinanissans crowd.

Urbanimport's staff will be available for parts ordering. Installs will NOT be happening as previously stated since the installer is the one doing the grilling of the food.

@ 5:30 those who are left will decide what we want to do next. More foooowd? A cruise down CRAPital Blvd? Chill @ The Cheats's? Chill @ The Spork's? Come to the meet and find out.

Official meet thread:

Please feel free to use this thread to ask questions about the meet or to RSVP.

Click link for Mapquest Map

Urbanimport's Address:
4511 Hillsborough Rd. #303
Durham, NC

Directions (from I-40 via Mapquest)
-Merge onto I-40 West (from Raleigh) or East (from Charlotte)

-Merge onto NC-147 N via exit number 279B toward DURHAM/DOWNTOWN. 10.9 miles

-Take the US-15 N/US-501 N exit- exit number 16A- toward I-85. 0.3 miles

-Take the US-70-BR/HILLSBOROUGH RD exit- exit number 108D. (this is like right after you get onto 15/501) 0.1 miles


-End at 4511 Hillsborough Rd Durham NC

Charlotte directions (thanks for Spork)

take 40 to the 85/40 split in durham
take 85 north
exit cole mill road (i think its #173, ill look again)
make right onto cole mill road, go to next stop light (hillsborough rd.)
make a right onto hillsborough ...4511
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