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Castor out of spec

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I just got new falken azenis tires along with an alignment. A while back I hit a monter of a pothole that requred me to get new control arms. After getting the alignment printout I noticed that my castor is roughly 1* out of spec. Does anyone know of a shop in so-cal that would be able to correct/bend it back to within specs?
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i had this happen a while ago. i was told the caster could not be adjusted on our cars. maybe i was lied to though.
There is definitelty not castor adjustment on our cars. For castor to be out of spec you probably bent either a hub or the unibody itself.
Castor will not wear your tires out prematurly.
If your control arm was bent there is a good chance that it got the subframe or bent the control arm mounts.
But being it is so little I don't know if I would sweat it.

Thanks for all the input guys. Guess I won't worry about it too much.
The Ground Control plates will allow you to change the castor if I'm right.
Do the GC plates only work with GC Coilovers?
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