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cataytic converter question???

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I need a new cat for my cat for my 200sx SE-R. I'am going to get a universal one but I need to know what size diameter to get. Its stock cat-back and I have a hotshot header. So what size should I get? Also anyone have any suggestions on where I can get a good price on one?
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I believe 2.5 inlet/out is about standard for the SE-R catalytic converters. I just purchased one from (click on their online store hyperlink). They are the cheapest I've seen so far, for exhaust parts. They carry direct fit cats for your car and they also carry aftermarket Hi-Flow cats. I bought the universal Magnaflow/CarSound 94100 w/02 Bung cat for $66.00 (free shipping). This cat normally sells for like $85.00 to $90.00 online and a local shop wants like $160.00. Either is cheaper than a OEM cat that goes for right around $600.00? from the dealer. I'm having the flanges welded on before it's installed. ;) I hope this helps.
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