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catback exhaust

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A friend bought one for his 240, and it did not line up worth a ****. I am not saying that it is junk but thats what happened to James (my friend). The exhaust was made very well, down to the polishing.
Cat back system

I bought one for my 96 Infinity G20. Works great sounds even better. $ was expensive but well worth, bolted on in thirty Minutes with friends car lift in shop. NO PROBLEMS at all but also made sure this would fit my car before I bought it!!!!!! Also bought my Hotshot header with it to maximize my hp. gain plus exhaust flow!! Don't buy catback without header!!! Headers should always come first then catback, or both at once if $$$$ is in pocket.
if it is the megan racing one.....i would definately reccomend it....i have one and i love it......the only downfall is that its hella loud
loud exhaust

Buy the hotshot header much smoother sound than Gready exhaust by self!!! 245-250Hp.96 Infinity G20 still a long way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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