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Center Console question

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Does the center console from a '91-93 NX2000 fit into a Sentra? I've seen the NX2000 consoles which have an armrest and small storage compartment and would love to put one in my SE-R...if it fits.
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they do fit, unless you have a 4door, but since you are on a SE-R forum, you have a 2 door, right? I wish my '96 came with the armrest, but I bought one form the dealer.
Thanks for the reply NoVTECSER, I'll be down at the parts department tommorow! and yes I have a '92 SE-R.
NONVTECSER what did you pay for that? Did you Just order it from the dealer?
I paid $60 from the dealer, 3 years ago. You might want to call Courtesy to see what their price is
Please let me know how much that center console is..I like to get one myself if it fits perfectly...thanks
Well this is an unbiased opinion. I liked the arm rest made me envious. It looks stock and fits nicely. Its a quality piece. It fits over the ebrake
If anyone has one that will be at the convention holler out. I would like to see one for a classic cause Eric's(NoVTECSER) 200sx's looks great. It the classics is just as nice I might need to be lazy enough to need one :D
I've got my really interesting thread on turbos vs. NA going on in here and the ARMREST thread is getting all the posts. :) Remember POWER, guys? ACCELERATIOM? Ya know? :) LOL
does anyboby have a pic with it instelled on a 200sx? I looked on NOVTECSER's site and dident see one?
Ben, I guess it's hard to beat comfort AND affordability sometimes......
Hey now you know a good lean to one side will get ya 5 hp at the wheels :D Also lets ya make the turns better, the weight is more toward the center like a Porche
Here is a picture of my interior. This is the only one I have, and I would take another, but I don't have my car now because its still in the body shop. :(
If it doesn't work, I'll put in on my site and post the URL
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For those of you interested...I got the NX2000 center console for my '92 SE-R, it fits perfectly although you do have to order the rear bracket and two screws to complete the installation. It looks much better than that thing in the Sentra's. The color is a little lighter than the one it replaces but you can hardly tell at all. As far as it actually being an armrest...well if you're short it might work but otherwise it's a little low for the arm, the padded armrest from Nissan will solve that problem. The cost is anywhere from $90 - $112 depending on who you order it from.
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