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centerforce clutch

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does anyone have a centerforce clutch, or hered anything about them. im thinking of getting one but i'd lick to get some info on them. or if anyone has any suggestions on a good clutch kit let me know please.
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I have a Spec stage 2 clutch, but I also have a boosted NX (hehe), and Im only running 7psi, but it works fantastic. Been driving it for about 500 miles, never slips and really quiet
who would have the best price$$$ i work at auto part store and i can get get one for about $385 i havent really looked around though
I got mine from, for about $350, or go to and get one for cheaper than $385.
Both these places are gods to the nissan community. heavy throttle more for RWD sr20's, and jgy for the FWD sr20's!
Run, don't walk away from Centerforce. They plain suck. I blew up two discs. Look up Centerforce in the SE-R mailing list archives. Go with a JWT PP and B13 disc. I do not like the B15 disc.
..........I've read that they have a tendency to "overcenter" making them want to gyrate toward the flywheel, which in turn leaves you with a longer un-throttled rev.........which will give you an added boost charge during shift but only handy to have if your using it in a drag scenario or getting a big ticket ........ so yea run, don't walk away......
I never had one on my an SE-R, but had a CFDF on my dsm and it licked balls.
It held decently and then all the sudden just gave out on me, it would clamp, but if i hit boost at all it would slip horribly.

I've got an ACT 2600 and a full faced organic disk now and i love it. I figure a 2100 would suffice a FWD.
Pretty White said:
...I do not like the B15 disc.

What's wrong with the B15 clutch disc?

I'm using one in my NX.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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