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Central Florida Rallycross

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There is a post in the Racing section about a Rallycross taking place in Ft Meade Fl on Saturday March 6th. Get on your mapquest and look up Ft Meade. It is pretty central and not too far a drive for most in the central Florida area.

For those that don't know, Rallycross is similar to auto cross, except that it is done in the dirt. I don't know the format for this one, but the one I did in the past gave the drivers 2 runs in each direction on the course for a total of 4 runs. In the dirt you can get your car all loose and slide it around and do hand brake turns etc... It is TONS of fun!

Hopefully John will post up some more info soon.
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SE-Rican said:
I love my paint job to much ;)

Yeah, lowered cars need not apply.
ooh, ralley inspired stock B14 suspension would be fine though.....I live on a dirt road so my car is used to looking like crap. if I wasn't gonna be in West Palm Beach I would go :(
i'll be there,
i just bought an impreza 2.2 (wagon baby!) and im ready to break her in :)
John has worked very hard the last couple of years trying to get some kind of rallying in Florida. Even if you cannot run, it would be cool to show up and show support. I will be there.

Andy R.
There is now a website for the Fort Meade Rallycross.

Have fun!
Russell - what car will you be getting dirty?
98SERwTricks said:
Russell - what car will you be getting dirty?

That would be my '92 Sentra E with POPcharger, HS header, GReddy cat back, stock SE-R suspension, '96 SE-R front brakes with Hawk HPS pads, Classic SE-R rear disc brakes, B14 SE-R 15"wheels and Kumho Supra 711 sized 195/50/15.

My wife does not want me to take my daily driver. I told her it is the white Sentra or the Silverado.....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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