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Has anyone try ceramic coating their brake rotors?

Because I know in mountain biking, they have ceramic coated rims to increase stoping power.

Now I am wondering if this trick would also work with my sentra...


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aw man I just had to click on this subject! Dude, ceramic coating is just as it says a coating. won't last long especially on rotors where you have to cut them some times. I hope others will read this but check it. when you get new brakes , don't buy the semi metallic pads . I was a machinist for 4 years making parts for blackhawk helicopters and million dollar chandeliers for trump and ceasars. no more though.but any way listen, metal to semi metal wastes some metal. so if yo use semi metallic peads,expect to cut te rotors for 40 bucks each next brake job. this is a big scam that mechanics have. if you use stock asbestos pads, it will never ruin the rotors. but if you notice, when you use semi metallic pads they last longer but you'll definitely need to cut or get new rotors. the next brake job. stock may not last as long but in the long run will save you lots of cash. my old mechanic told me to lower my voice when I brought this up in his shop. says it all right there! take this advice from a sr20de owner of 10 years. no lie ,upgrade the brakes to ad22vf's and enjoy the lower brake costs.with stock pads.

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