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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mismo42:
I've never changed brakes before, but I feel pretty comfortable with a wrench. (alot more comfortable than leaving my car with a machanic!) Anyway I don't have a manual so I was hoping you guys could let me know if there is anything wierdto look for? (NX200, atinlock brakes) OH yeah, do the pistons push in, like with a c clamp, or screw in?

Joseph Aagaard
Dude, no problemo. To change the pads all you need is a 14mm socket and wrench. Loosen the bottom caliper bolt and push it up. Remember the order that the shims are on the origional pad cause thats how they will be re-installled. If you are swapping rotors too you need a 1/2" socket (for added torque) and wrench and a small extention with a 17mm socket to pull the caliper bolts in the back of the hub. Just lock the wheel in the direction of the wheel you are working on. Use antiseize on the bolts and remember to tighten them down securely. If you have any doubts ask someone who has done them before to guide you, Once you do the fronts you will or should remember how to do them for a long time. The rears are a little trickier. To push the front piston back use a C-Clamp and the old pad. You want the piston to go back in smoothly and not break the rubber seal around the piston.
Tools really needed. 14mm and 17mm. C-clamp and caliper slide grease (preferrably synthetic) and anti-seize, anti-squeek for the shims. Thats it, easy parts.

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