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Hey guys. I thought somebody in FL might be interested in this. I found it on one of my crazedlist searches. I've spoken briefly with the owners. *THIS IS NOT MY VEHICLE* . It is a little too beat up for me to drive 400 miles to go see it. For you local guys it might make a good beater or possible race car. It is driveable from what I've been told.

According to the owner it loses a small amount of oil, so if it was me going to check it out I'd probably look at the oil seals.

The speedometer stopped working. From talking to the owner it sounds like the speedo cable is just not working or not attached. He also mentioned that the AC is not working, and also that some of the gauges are not operational.

He said he bought the car with the fender damage. The headlight was damaged by the bumper of another car.

He mentioned something about the car not being able to get into fifth gear. I'm thinking that it probably has fifth gear pop out.

Lastly there is an issue with the title. From what he was telling me its lost, but he said in Florida you can request the old title at the same time your getting a new title. I'm not sure if that is right or not.

Contact phone number is: 386-983-four two seven six.

I've collected the pictures I was sent into a photobucket album.

I also ran a vin check on the car. Post or PM me and I can get the report out to you guys.
Vehicle ID if you want to run your own reports 1 N 4 G B 3 2 A 3 N C 7 0 5 4 9 7
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