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Cheapo front STB

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In the past I have ordered those cheap front STBs on ebay for my (former) nx and (former) se-r. The se-r I have now has abs, and the old nx did as well. This time when I ordered one though, I couldn't get it on my left STB because of that bundle of ABS electronics shown here:

I swear this is the same one I ordered before, but who knows. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas about making a different bracket for the ABS stuff, or relocating it, or even easier- pointing me to an STB that definitely fits, that would be great. Thanks guys.
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It fit onto my friends b14 with ABS, I don't think he modified it at all...
I got an "el cheapo" from ebay for my 95. It fit with no problems
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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