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Alright..I'll get right to it and stop blabing...The check engine came on tonight, and here on the symptoms (sp?)....Funny smelling exhaust...I'm thinking rich or lean but I don't know...the smell has gotten worse and wierder as time has gone on...2nd signal of a problem HORRIBLE gas mileage...last tank I got 20 mpg, and this tank isn't much better. I normally get 26, or 27, and that's hammering the the 1st 1/8 to 1/4 of a tank. Mods are just PR CAI and ACT clutch. Oh yeah...after I rev the engine like to 5500, maybe less, on the way back down to idle it will click. I was told it might be a lifter. I don't know...I'm just a little upset. My baby is sick, and I don't know what's wrong. I've already got my front arms bent back. If I had bigger rims I'd be rubbing. I need to fix that, but I'm afraid to find out the cost. Any thoughts/hints/tips/suggestions/donations/words of wisdom for me? Someone please help me diagnose the problem.
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Someone wanna tell me why it posted it twice?
Cause you clicked twice

That funny smell is probaly the cat going. could be the problem. 02 sensor bad, gives check engine light i think and bad gas milage. dont know why it would be cliciking could be running lean never know. pull the codes from the ECU and see what it is.
I have no friggin clue. :) Like you said the link is the same and there's only one file there, but the forumdisplay.cgi thingy has to be doing it. I tried updating all the threads but it did nothing. Ah well. :)
what does it smell like? six pack of miller lite and some tacos funny? sulpher? if it smells like, well, bluntly, a fart, it is probably your cat. how many miles do you have on your car? maybe your rear 02 is going bad? maybe the heat is coming up to OK from TX and just melted the whole bottom of your car :) (just kidding, the thermometer read 115 degrees where I was today, IN THE SHADE)
Hmmm UBB burp looks like. Cause its the exact same post. the addy is the same that is. 000198.html that is weird never seen it do this. it usualy makes two different posts but these are the exact same
this is the twilight zone. dudududududududud
oh hell things are disapearing, i remember a star trek episode where things started to disapear, better check to see if we are in a warp bubble. ;)
The second identical thread is gone... weird man...
Sorry I haven't replied. I am on vacation right now in Brownsville, TX. SO I hear you about that Texas heat. I get back to OK on Wed. so I'm gonna take it to the stealership and see what they say. They are actually decent there. Although since I just past 60K now they are gonna start taking money from me....DOH!...anyway...Right now I don't have to worry about it, so I guess I'll deal with it Thurs.
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