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Check this out!

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So it IS possible! I'm showing this to my friend who's been thinking of doing that to his J30. Nice find man!
That's pretty sweet.
hot stuff
That's pretty sweet, but WTF is up with the "Twin Turbo300ZX VR-4 Supra". If it's just a VG30DETT swap then wheres the Mitsubishi and Toyota influences?
i think those are just "hit" if people search for a supra or a vr-4 then it will come up
Yeah its possible. Didnt the J30 already come with the VG30DE? And its rear wheel drive right? So the only thing stopping you is getting a motor, ECU.

Although I did hear that even switching a NA 90-96 300ZX to a TT is more in depth then just dropping the TT motor in and switching the ECU.
Thats pretty cool. Id still rather have a z32 then that though.
You can tell the quality of a swap by looking at the little things. In this case, I'm looking at the way the battery was moved to the rear. They went very cheap on that, which makes you wonder if they went cheap on other parts of the swap as well.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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