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Ok....I did search, and I found some info, but nothing that seemed to really describe what I have. There are a few issues with my SE-L, none of which are really bad, just more of annoyances.

1) Right on start up there is a knocking noise, haven't really listened to where it is coming from, but it knocks about 8 times and then stops. Im thinking its just a lifter, but correct me if Im wrong.

2) I did a 91 cam install about 2 weeks ago (550 miles ago), and when the car is cold I get a chirping noise at idle and it speeds up when I step on the gas. I can only hear this when I am stopped because once I start driving other noises drown it out, so its not too loud. About 5-10 minutes after driving the car (when it warms up), the noise goes away and the car is fine.

3) Same symptoms as above, but with idle. Cold start idle is around 1100-1500, 5-10 minutes later its at 750. Is that normal? None of my other cars Sentras (3) did it, so thats why I ask

Thanks a bunch guys.

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