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I just wanted to share a tip with you guys on keeping theTB cleaner longer. I removed the hose that goes from the intake pipe to the valve cover breather and replaced the hose on the cover with a small k&n breather filter and covered the hole to the intake part with a rubber bypass cap about 2 bucks for 2 and 10 months later today went to clean the TB and it's clean as hell. It usually gets dirty I think cause theres oil in the valve cover and the intake will definitely suck small amounts in the TB giving you that black sludge. no lie this thing was clean. I usually clean it every 6 months but now who knows. works for stock intakes as well.

91 SE-R,10:1 comp.pistons,balanced &blueprint rebuild.comp.4angle valve job,extrude honed heads/intake manifold,No emissions.crap,RC TB/MAF,nismo cams,UR pulleys,stillen4-1 ceram.header,nismo/centerforce dual fric.clutch,PR CAI,2 1/2 test pipe,mandrel 2 1/4 superturbo ex.,and a whole bunch of other goodies! boost is in the works ,hell yeah 3:16!
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