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Cleaned my EGR system and it fixed my IDLE!

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This is how I did it:

Okay, do your tune up, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, air filter. Next, there are 3 modules you need to clean. 2 on the back of the engine, oval discs. and one on the front. Remove these. The left one you will need some high temp sealant before putting it back on. Get some carb cleaner, and clean them good, inside and out, spray into the tiny holes, into the diaphram, push it up and down to help it loosen anything. Get a small wire and stick it into the small holes to help as well. Clean both the back units the same. The front unit, remove the hoses, and pull it off. Remove 2 tiny screws that hold a bracket down that goes across the top of that. That might be hard to pop off the circular item, but either pop it around or wedge it out carefully. Next, clean it same way, with wire, carb cleaner, and move the diaphram. Clean some of the hoses. Check hoses, if they need replacing if hard, or cracked do so. And replace your O2, once that is done, do your timing and idle per the instructions on And it should be solid.
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I have seen the writeup on a tuneup, but if you would like to write up another long-ish detailed one Russ with pics, I'd be happy to put it up on my website. I for one would like to see these three "modules" you are talking about.

I just wanna say I think its so amazing that the infomation exists so readily for me to fix my car in such depth. I wish I had this kind of info for every car and what they need to be in tip top shape. I've seen lots of howto's on performance mods, but not this in depth tuneup type stuff, along with the cam installs, timing chain stuff, I mean top to bottom all the info I probably will ever need to fix/upgrade my SR20 is at my fingertips, if not far away using this interactive medium called the internet. Bravo to Russ and all the other SE-R enthusiasts out there who take their time to publish this highly useful information, as well as supply free and prompt help via the mailing list, IRC, and to a lesser extent, this forum. :)
Yeah, and what about IIRC too? There are some that they use on the list that I have NO idea. :)
Alright. Out with the 200SX Forum and in with the Shortend Phrase Forum. Should be up in a minute... :) All 200SX owners will now post in the Sentra SE Forum. We all know you want 4 doors anyways, you can't hide it. :)
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