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Cleaning ABS Sensors

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I just bought some ABS sensors off of E-bay for my G20, In the hopes of making my ABS work.
One of the ideas i had heard was to clean the ABS sensors, as this might make the ABS work again. In trying to do that before, i distroyed the first sensor i went to, which is why i got these used ones off e-bay. What i want to know is how you all have cleaned them, and what you used. brushes, brake cleaner ok? any other tricks to this? I have never had ABS before, so I havent really delt with it much.
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couldent tell ya i unhooked mine abs system being it is crap.the sensor wires that go to your wheel weigh like 1 and a half pounds
i cleaned my front ones when I changed spindles/hubs and halfshafts. All I did was wipe them off with a paper towel (maybe a squirt of brake cleaner). I mostly had CV grease on them and metal pieces attached to them (they are magnets). Easy clean. When you re-install, I'd suggest putting some anti-seize on them so you can remove them if you need to.
good call on the anti sieze..If the factory did that i wouldnt have had to buy these used ones!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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