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clutch bearing????????????????

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when i did my swap, everyone always said to make sure u take the clutch bearing out of your old engine and put it on your new engine. but the thing is, there was no bearing when i took off the clutch? i am running a act 6 puck clutch so is there no bearing with that? I just talked to a guy tonight that said i shouldnt even really be running a 6 puck just for like driving to and from places and weekend racing. Im just trying to figure out why there was no bearing?
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The bearing sits on the transmission not the engine.
so where is it at? am i fine if i didnt see any bearing?
If you look at the top of the transmission you will see the release arm go straight down in. That is where the bearing is. It slides on a shaft and presses against the pressure plate. You are fine, it would have been a good idea to replace it while it was apart though.
phew thats a relief, i thought that i like forgot to put something back when i had it apart, and now i would be screwed because my engine is all back in now. Tomorrow im hooking up the axles and i gotta put my struts back on then im gonna start her up :D

If you're talking about the t/o bearing, its that round metallic thing (the one with the larger circumference) sitting around that shaft in the center of the tranny, as shown in the pic above.
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make sure u lube it cuz I didnt and its starting to piss me off. It was a flawless swap except.....crickets
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