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Clutch Brands

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hey guys, i dont know much about clutch stuff/kits i'm jusy wondering what are good brands for nissans, spefically the NX 2000? do i have to get a new tranny when i get a new clutch kit?
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wow, u must be a newbie. no you dont need to get a new tranny just a new pressure plate and clutch disc. this consists of the clutch "kit". they usually come with a couple bearings, throwout, and pilot, and possible a little plastic tool that helps you during installation. if you dont really have many mods or high power goals for your car then you can just replace it with a stock clutch. some guys use the b15 disc. it is suppose to be better than the previous discs. for performance there are a lot of company's. The top two i would say are ACT and Clutchnet. there are others spec, clutchmasters, exedy....... the list goes on. people really like the diversity of clutchnet discs. ACT is simply a huge manufacturer. most of the other companys have gotten bad names from problems with customer service and even bad products. but from your understanding of what goes on under the hood, i imagine that you only need a stock replacement. they are much
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