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compressor surge

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I've adjusted my greddy type-s as directed in the FAQ's. I'm running 7psi and when I shift it sound like compressor surge then the BOV whistles..Sorry about this but it sounds like WHACHAACHA whitsle..Is this what its gunna sound like or am i getting compressor surge??? I dont wanna hurt the turbo. LEt me know peeps
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when u have compressor surge it sounds like a rattle snake in the intake filter by the turbo. this means the when u back off the guess is no sufficent to open the blow off valve wide enuff to let out the air. so u need to adjust the blow off valve or turn up the boost so the turbo can generate more air to open the valve.
Did you use the Jay Whitley/JWT method of adjusting the bov? If not then you should b/c it will fix your problem. I think its in the faq if its not still a sticky.
i adjusted it per Jay Whitley with the spring removal and the pipe thread **** around the bolt. No matter what boost i run it does it...the vavle opens at 10inhg vac. I wish i new if it was compressor surge!! I'm a little worried about my new turbo!!!
check if u have any vacum leaks behind the intake manifold
if u do the valve wont open to blow off.check for vacum leaks
make sure it's opening ALL the way, i adjusted mine like in the FAQ but when i put the top back on i caught part of the diaphram between the top and bottom so it only opened about 1/8-1/4".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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