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I ordered some Corbea Forza seats a few weeks ago and finally got them in. Thought I'd share a few things in case anybody is thinking of getting "racing" seats.

On a bathroom scale, my stock driver's seat weighed 34 pounds. The Corbeau seat with the stock seatbelt attachement and bracket weighed 26 pounds (the seat alone weighs 16 pounds). So by installing both seats, I'll be saving a whopping 16 pounds.
I needed a new driver's seat anyway 'cause mine had a hole in it.

The bracket for the driver's side was just a little off -- the holes for the bolts to attach it to the car were a few milimeters off. Four bolts attach the bracket to the car, and I could only get two through the holes. However, after about a half hour or so of dremeling the holes on the bracket, all four bolts fit fine.

Attaching the seat itself to the bracket was probably the easiest thing out of all of this -- four bolts that lined up perfectly that you tighten down with a allen wrench that's included with each seat.

With the driver's seat fully slid to its rearmost position, there's actually more leg room than with the stock seat. So much more that it's too much for me (I'm 6'2"). I know there are some guys that have SE-Rs that are taller than me and complain about lack of leg room, so getting race seats might be something they can look into.

The seat is actually pretty comfortable. I haven't driven more than a half hour yet, but just making beer runs and going to work, it seems OK.

Now the passenger side is a different story. Corbea doesn't make a passenger-side bracket that fits the Sentras, so they sent me a driver's-side bracket thinking (I guess) that it would work. Not even close. However, the bracket is made up of several pieces of metal that are welded together, and I think the bracket can be restructured to fit the passenger side. Just cut some pieces loose at their welding points, re-arrange, re-weld, and I think it would work. My g/f's brother (who's a mechanic and knows all there is to know about welding) said he could probably take on that project, so we'll see what happens with that.

Oh yeah, pics of the seats can be seen at . I got mine in blue. Red and yellow stand out a little too much; black would have been OK, but since my car is black, too, I figured it would be too hot. So I settled on blue.

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